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The Signal O Podcast

Nov 18, 2020

Mark Sanders speaks with Local 67 about what the IAFF provides for our members. As a lifelong union leader, Mark is an integral part of the IAFF but more importantly, he is a great representative for the 8th District. 

Sep 24, 2020

On this installation we sit down with Rob Lowe who was recently appointed as the Medical Director for The Columbus Division of Fire. We get an insightful look into his background as an emergency care physician as well as his previous career with NASA. Dr. Lowe has a passion for emergency pre-hospital care and we touch...

Aug 5, 2020

Interim Fire Chief Jeff Happ shares his plans on empowering our members. We are in the profession of training and educating great people to do extraordinary things. Together, we can move mountains. 

May 17, 2020

Brian Weiskittle and I sit down to have a discussion about his Warrior Mindset. Brian is a 24 year veteran with Columbus Fire and is currently assigned to M17, one of the busiest apparatus in the City. We also discuss one of the longest traditions in the fire service which is the value of the kitchen table at the...

Apr 10, 2020

Today we sit down with President Stein to talk about some important Covid-19 updates as well what Local 67 is doing to protect our members on the front lines. Now, more than ever we need the type of leaders who rise to the occasion in times of crisis. Our members have been there and will continue to be there for the...